Day 2 - 24 November 2021


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Cloud Strategies: Chair’s Opening Remarks


Presentation: The Cloud Survival Guide – Understanding the basics

  • Cloud computing vs cloud technology – What’s the difference and how do they impact your network?
  • Public, private, hybrid – What are they and which is for you?
  • How does the type of cloud service impact the customer’s visibility into their data?
  • Infrastructure, Platform and Software as a Service – Understanding each and their benefits


Presentation: Top benefits of cloud computing

  • Understanding how cloud impacts flexibility and efficiency
  • Can cloud services give you a competitive advantage?
  • What cloud infrastructure can teach you about the productivity of your business


Presentation: It’s not just Azure vs AWS – How smaller cloud providers are stepping up to the table

  • With leading cloud providers out of reach for many companies pricewise, how can smaller specialised clouds pick up the slack?
  • Should technology silos be avoided or encouraged?
  • Examples of companies innovating to improve storage and usability


Presentation: It’s not rocket science! Selecting the perfect cloud set-up

  • Key considerations when choosing a cloud provider
  • Assessing security, reliability and scalability
  • How important is a company’s reputation?


Panel: Top cloud migration challenges and how to manage them

  • Issues, successes and what to avoid
  • Understanding the technology and personal side
  • Are you in control of subscriptions and optimising cost
  • Ensuring your cloud provider meets expectations in usability, reliability, performance & security


Networking Break


Presentation: A cloud success story

  • An in-depth case study of how one organisation is successfully using cloud
  • Lessons learned in migration
  • Next steps for the future


Presentation: Don’t get locked in – Is vendor dependency an issue?

  • How widespread is the issue of legacy system integration, and how can it be combated?
  • Understanding the risks – transferring infrastructure, applications & data
  • Why you can build better apps and get more value from your data by going deep with your Cloud Service Provider


Presentation: Is your cloud secure?

  • As more enterprises are moving their sensitive data to the cloud, are security measures keeping up?
  • Exploring the tactics for securing your data within the cloud
  • Where should data be encrypted?
  • Whose responsibility is security in the cloud?


Presentation: Governance, privacy and compliance in the cloud

  • Discussing the importance of having a robust Data Governance strategy: Giving the right people the right data, in the right format, at the right time.
  • Discussing data protection issues in the cloud – how you can stay one step ahead
  • Exploring the latest updates in cloud regulation and how to meet them
  • How important is the physical location of your data?


Presentation: Not such a long jump – Overcoming cultural issues with cloud adoption

  • Strategies for Overcoming data concerns and lack of trust issues with Cloud Service Providers
  • Managing roles and responsibilities of your IT team
  • Discussing approaches for maximising collaboration within departments and functions


Panel: The future’s cloud based: Top predictions for 2025

  • Today’s ‘lift-and-shift’ approach to migration doesn’t develop cloud native skills, so how important will in-house cloud agility be to the future of a business?
  • Will cloud adoption be driven largely by cost optimisation?
  • Will we become independent from the major cloud providers?
  • Discussing predictions for the next steps in cloud technology and how this will impact not only businesses, but society as a whole


Chair’s Closing Remarks


Session Close