Day 2 - 2 July 2020


Operational 5G: Chair’s Welcome & Opening Remarks

Hear from a 5G and wireless analyst about the latest trends, investments and market insights for network developers, vendors and service providers in the 5G space.


5G, the Benefits and the Challenges

What are the benefits and challenges of utilising 5G, including:

  • Latency, network slicing
  • Acceleration of existing technologies
  • Barriers, gaps in connectivity

Operational 5G


Networking Break


Massive IoT and the 5G Revolution

This talk will look at how the combination of Massive IoT and new 5G technology will improve both the connectivity speed and coverage to drive IoT to achieve its full potential.


Big Data Analytics in 5G

With the dawn of 5G promising enabled intelligent network and application services with connectivity to remote sensors, big data analytics will be at the forefront of the evolution of 5G standards. This talk will look at the role of analytics in the context of 5G.


Networking Break


5G, do you need it?

to follow soon . . .


AI Enabled Zero Touch Automation in 5G and beyond

Details on this presentation on ‘AI enabled zero touch automation in 5G and beyond’ are to follow soon . . .


Session Close