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As business models shift to grasp the opportunities and flexibility that 5G and hyper-connectivity across the IoT landscape offer, those that don’t embrace these technologies may be left behind. Security and resilience are important enablers to ensure that end users and consumers don’t lose trust and confidence in services and business models that make use of this new infrastructure. Some important considerations to embed trust include:

  • Resilience challenges – looking at where and how the network infrastructure might need to adapt as applications and services move from fixed to wireless infrastructures
  • Testing and assurance – exploring how stakeholders such as regulators can test, evaluate and assure these services and infrastructure
  • Learning lessons – some organisations have already ‘dipped their toe’ into a hyper connected world. Lessons can be learnt from this to move forward securely.

Associated Speakers:

Andrew Kelly

Principal Consultant - Cyber Security, IoT and Wireless Resilience


Associated Talks:

03:00PM - Day 2

View 5G Resilience: Embedding Trust in IoT Services

10:20AM - Day 1

View Panel: Unlocking the Potential of 5G

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