Day 1 - 15 September 2021


Applied 5G: Chairperson’s Welcome

Opening talk – overview of sessions and key highlights.


Think Different with 5G Digitisation

  • Enabling new and optimised services through digitisation. 
  • Using DevOps to revamp legacy systems for new connectivity capabilities and 5G.  
  • A closer look at cloud migration. 


Digital 5G – Automation and Deployment

  • The role of autonomous decision making and mass knowledge sharing.  
  • Digital deployment – is a hybrid approach of public and private networks best? 
  • AI and ML as part of critical infrastructure for operations and maintenance optimisation. 


Panel: Peak Efficiency with 5G

  • How the layered connectivity of 5G enables real-time monitoring of assets and data insights for actionable outcomes.  
  • What new levels of automation are now capable? Pro-active rather than reactive solutions. 
  • How to process the mass data collected at heightened speeds.  
  • Moving beyond sectors; how will this enable a sustainable future? 


AI Opportunities in 5G

  • Combining AI at the Edge as the ultimate game-changer.  
  • Using trials and testing to see where AI can really impact opportunities and experiences 
  • Examples of AI-applications deployed in 5G. 


Industrial Applications Enabled by Mobile Private Networks

  • What have we learnt so far in relation to network speeds and security when deployed?  
  • Private network (MPN) adoption – how to approach spectrum licensing 
  • Understanding the different levels of connectivity needed for different use-cases.  
  • Examples across verticals of 5G running live. 


Reaching the Next Phase, Standalone 5G

  • A look at the progression from core, non-standalone (NSA) and standalone (SA) 5G. 
  • Unlocking mass coverage with capabilities through SA 5G, from heightened speeds to network slicing. 
  • Where do we go from here with this next-gen connectivity?  


Panel: Staying Ahead of the Network – Business Transformation through 5G

  • How analysing real-time complex data will allow for true business transformation, from enhancing on-site engagement to rural operations 
  • A shift from the quality of service to quality of experience and personalisation.  
  • What will the full functionality of 5G mean for businesses and how will this network evolution provide increased opportunities and ROI? 
  • How far can connectivity capabilities go before network data encryption becomes invasive/ intrusive and barriers of ethical issues come into play?  


Connecting the Wireless Dots for 5G Focused Business Model

  • How the 5G roll-out has been hindered by the lack of structure in how to commercialise services.    
  • What new revenue streams are open to suppliers and operators to monetize 5G enabled services?  
  • The need to define standards 
  • Constant reliability is key – ensuring services are not overpromised is essential to the networks reputation and success.


Creating Immersive Experiences with 5G

  • Creating audience immersion through AV, VR, ML and robotics.  
  • The extensive capability of user personalisation now available.  
  • Using Edge, AI and digital technologies to enable higher bandwidth and stronger coverage.  
  • How MNO’s are preventing true 5G adoption across the sectors.  
  • Trials and testing for the future of 5G optimised entertainment. 


Panel: The new World of Connectivity – 5G & the Future

  • How to break the public perception of 5G.   
  • The need to focus on 5G led business models, MNO platforms and services as the next step for commercialisation.  
  • Private Vs Public networks – understanding the convergence of these and how it is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach to connectivity.  
  • Why MNO’s need to work together to create a digital eco-system for 5G to reach its potential. 


End of Day 1

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