Day 2 - 18 March 2020


Enabling 5G Futures – Application: Chairperson’s Welcome and Opening Comments

A senior industry expert will provide an overview of innovations enabling fully connected futures and 5G application use-cases within industry sectors, including agriculture, manufacturing, public safety, energy and sustainability.

Enterprise Engineering


Tracking your Assets – What this look like in the World of 5G

  • How ultra-reliable and low-latency connectivity will allow for greater insights into assets traceability and tracking capabilities?
  • How can companies utilise these insights in real-time and can Blockchain technologies enhance this process?
  • Are there security measures already in place strong enough to ensure encrypted data transfers throughout this process?


Panel: Manufacturing Can’t Stop, so how do you Incorporate Solutions?

  • How to implement physical solutions in a manufacturing environment
  • Connecting legacy equipment for full infrastructure efficiency
  • Testing new network assets including Global collaborative design, slicing and Massive machine-type communications


Networking Break


Harvesting 5G for Smart Farming

  • Optimising your smart farming processes through real-time analytics from on-site sensor networks and unparalleled speeds
  • How to tackle bandwidth limitations in a rural environment
  • Beyond data, how 5G is providing the agricultural sector with the power to supply growing global demands


Fiona Piercy


Worcestershire 5G Consortium

Associated Talks:

12:00PM - Day 2

View 5G for Industry 4.0

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5G for Industry 4.0

This presentation focusing on 5G for Industry 4.0 will be given by Fiona Piercy from the Worcestshire 5G Consortium.

. Fiona Piercy, CEO, Worcestershire 5G Consortium

Security & Sustainability


Security for our Defence – 5G Security Testing for Business-Critical Services

Consumer 5G is all around us, from advertisements to implementation on Non-Standalone (NSA) Networks, but little is known about the industrial roll-out of 5G and the effect of this on Business-Critical Services. While implementation filtering down to all levels of industries are far off, we are able to consider the following;

  • Resilience of radio-interface – looking at where and how the network infrastructure will need to adapt as we move from fixed to wireless infrastructures
  • Business-critical services of the 5G network and the integral need for confidentiality
  • How adoption across public services is likely to come ahead of private sector transformations


Be Aware! Cyber Security and Access Flaws in the Current 5G Network

5G is taking steps beyond what any other network has previously allowed by creating new capabilities for optimisation across industries. But with this new power expanding, have we taken strong enough cyber security precautions in the network architecture to secure against;

  • Foreign access to core and critical 5G resources
  • Defending against convergent technologies
  • The world of dark cyber

With this in mind, is the answer AI Security? Would this solve the security risk or create a highly intelligent issue?


Networking Break


Reaching for Sustainability in Industries through Connectivity & Collaboration

From research and testing, to application and deployment, industries around the world are focusing on their sustainability goals more than every before. This session will focus in on;

  • How digital transformation is enabling process optimisation through advanced connectivity speeds, and in turn, reducing resource consumption
  • Emphasising how collaboration across roles and industries is key to reaching sustainability goals
  • Examples of how 5G and other convergent technologies are helping environmental initiatives


Energy Capabilities – 5G for Sustainability

The combination of 5G and convergent technologies means greater steps towards energy environmental sustainability, while meeting operators KPI’s and consumer demands. In this session, we will look further at:

  • What remote monitoring means for the energy sector, including improved service speeds and gathering insights via latency
  • The ways 5G will leverage profitability for suppliers and increase accessibility for consumers to energy sources
  • How will 5G impact power consumption from smart grids now and in the future?


Yue Wang

Principal 5G Researcher

Samsung UK

Associated Talks:

03:20PM - Day 2

View Panel: Monitoring and Maximising 5G for Peak Efficiency

12:10PM - Day 2

View Deploying AI in the 5G Network

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Charles Gibbons

Chief IT Architect & Head of Software Engineering

The Francis Crick Institute

Associated Talks:

03:20PM - Day 2

View Panel: Monitoring and Maximising 5G for Peak Efficiency

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Panel: Monitoring and Maximising 5G for Peak Efficiency

  • How the layered connectivity of 5G enables real-time monitoring of assets, data and AI insights for actionable outcomes and in turn, peak efficiency
  • What this means for predictive maintenance and pro-active rather than reactive solutions
  • Moving beyond sectors; how this enables a sustainable future?
. Yue Wang, Principal 5G Researcher, Samsung UK
. Charles Gibbons, Chief IT Architect & Head of Software Engineering, The Francis Crick Institute


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