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Three industry trends with significant momentum that are creating some amazing opportunities for the 5G community. The first is the cloud, which in pursuit of low-latency/high-bandwidth applications is moving out of the datacenter and towards the edge. The second is the virtualization, disaggregation and cloudification of the mobile network that connects homes, businesses, and mobile devices to the Internet. The third is the availability of new types of spectrum for this purpose, enabling, for the first time, connectivity enablement using unlicensed, and lightly-licensed bands in addition to licensed bands. While it is possible for operators, leveraging these trends to offer services to enterprises, enterprises can now also deploy private mobile networks directly, without operator assistance. The confluence of these trends is rich with opportunities to innovate. This talk will introduce ONF’s Enterprise 5G/LTE Edge-as-a-Service that leverages all of these three trends towards providing an open platform for enterprise connectivity services enablement.

Associated Speakers:

Oguz Sunay

Chief Architect for Mobile Networking

Open Networking Foundation (ONF)

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11:30AM - Day 2

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