Day 2 - 12 May 2022



Applied 5G: Chairpersons Welcome

Chairpersons welcome and opening remarks. 



5G Opportunities in Industrial Applications

  • A closer look at real-life use cases/applications and opportunities in the Aviation, Healthcare and Energy areas.
  • What are the capabilities and requirements needed from 5G for each of these applications/markets.
  • What are the challenges we need to resolved between the application vendors and network providers both from the technical side, as well as from the business model side.



AI Opportunities in 5G

  • Combining AI at the Edge as the ultimate game-changer.   
  • Using trials and testing to see where AI can really impact opportunities and experiences.   
  • AI and ML as part of critical infrastructure for operations and maintenance optimisation.  



Private Network Trial Use-case

To follow soon …


Networking Break



Panel: Monetizing 5G Services

  • With 5G commercial trials rolling out, are more 5G focused business models needed to take advantage of this market? 
  • Digital deployment – is a hybrid approach of public and private networks best?   
  • A shift from the quality of service to quality of experience and personalisation.  
  • What needs to happen next for 5G to reach its financial capabilities?



Open RAN for Flexible 5G

  • Collaborative working for greater flexibility.  
  • Costs of 5G, can Open RAN help to aid the financial burden? 
  • The new capabilities to create new features and services at speed.  



Creating Immersive Experiences with 5G

  • Creating audience immersion through AV, VR, ML and robotics.   
  • The extensive capability of user personalisation now available.   
  • Using Edge, AI and digital technologies to enable higher bandwidth and stronger coverage.     
  • Trials and testing for the future of 5G optimised entertainment.



Reaching the Next Phase, Standalone 5G

  • A look at the progression from core, non-standalone (NSA) and standalone (SA) 5G.  
  • Unlocking mass coverage with capabilities through SA 5G, from heightened speeds to network slicing.  
  • Where do we go from here with this next-gen connectivity?



The Future of 5G & Beyond

  • The current status of 5G across the Americas. 
  • A look at how to grow 5G. 
  • Emerging 5G use-cases. 
  • The roadmap for 5G and beyond (as 6G comes into play).


End of Day